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How To Stay In Your Home Longer

How to Stay In Your Home Longer

Leacey Brown | South Dakota State University

Extension staff at North Dakota State University and South Dakota State University collaborate on various housing projects, such as the Dakotas Aging in Place Study and Voices for Home Modification of the Dakotas. Additionally, they work together on other Extension initiatives. This blog spotlights their Aging Well Series, which featured a session titled ‘How to Stay in Your Home Longer.’

One workshop recording from this series was shared with North Central Region Aging Network subscribers. What sets this series apart is its inclusion of live webinars, watch parties, and groups viewing the recordings together, hosted by Extension agents in North Dakota. The recordings for each of the three webinars are available on the SDSU Extension YouTube channel for on-demand viewing. It’s estimated that approximately 1,000 individuals participated in this three-part series.

While this webinar is primarily aimed at consumers, Extension professionals can also benefit, particularly from information about the National Directory of Home Modification and Repair Resources., managed by the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence, a project of the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, offers a directory with resources for each state regarding home modification and repair. These resources can be accessed by visiting your state’s page in the National Directory on the website. Navigate to the bottom of the page and look for a drop-down menu titled ‘Display Resources by State.’

Once you reach your state’s page, you’ll find an in-depth guide containing information about home modification funding in your state, including various programs like assistive technology available in your area. You may also discover businesses and organizations involved in home modifications, which could serve as valuable partners if you plan to engage in education and outreach about home modification in your state.

Moreover, this webinar sheds light on the approach taken by Extension in North Dakota and South Dakota to address the gap between consumer preference to age in place and the availability of age-friendly housing in communities. For those interested in learning more about housing outreach and education in these states, a visit to the South Dakota State University Extension website is learn more.


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