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A collaborative of Extension professionals dedicated to improving the health and well-being of adults in later life through science-based strategies.

The North Central Region Aging Network (NCRAN) is a cohort of gerontologists and aging-related Extension professionals that are interested in enhancing and increasing knowledge on various aging-related topics. Together we are able to pool our resources and coordinate our efforts to tackle aging-related topics and produce resources for Extension educators across the country. We are enhancing connectivity and learning, developing and implementing outreach and education efforts, and coordinating initiatives with measurable impacts.

The primary goal of the North Central Region Aging Network (NCRAN) is to promote, support, and encourage activities that strengthen and advance evidence-informed practice. Notable initiatives include the

1) development and dissemination of a needs assessment to gain an understanding of the aging-related needs within our states and region,

2) development of an toolkit to increase access to aging-related program materials and training, and

3) utilization of program-specific evaluation tools to assess delivery of cross-regional trainings and deliveries that summate impact.

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