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Program Summary

The Living well through Intergenerational Fitness and Exercise (LIFE) Program is the first of its kind — a unique program led by younger adults that increases access for at-risk older rural populations to sustainable, low cost, physical activity programming. It is comprised of 6 weeks of exergaming and 16 weeks of wellness newsletters. The LIFE Program is a community-based intergenerational exergaming physical activity program for older adults. Exergaming, or video games with integrated physical activity, is growing in popularity as a means of enhancing motivation and adherence to physical activity participation among older adults as well as improving quality of life and depressive symptoms.

Program Benefits

The LIFE Program was pilot tested at seven sites in Story County, Iowa. Participants experienced an increase in physical activity and perceived wellness. Meanwhile, aging knowledge and expectations improved and ageism decreased in the trainers. Based on participant and trainer feedback, LIFE was revised to be more participant-friendly. LIFE was then evaluated in 31 rural Iowa counties through county Extension and Outreach offices. Significant changes in participant readiness to change and self-efficacy in their ability to be physically active were detected.

Target Audience

Adults age 60+ and Youth age 16+; At-risk older rural populations

Program Length

It is comprised of 8 weeks of exergaming and 16 weeks of wellness newsletters. IThe training workshop for the young adult trainers is 3 hours.

Program Cost


Equipment Needed

All LIFE Program materials are available to the public on this site. The program manual answers most questions regarding the LIFE Program that you may have and contains most of the content that is needed.

Recruitment Materials:

  • Trainer email and flyer General Materials: information cards, program summaries, recruitment scripts, interest form, press release template.
  • Consent forms: participant and trainer consent, trainer parental letter
  • Trainer Workshop materials: the training workshop was developed as a hybrid program consisting of online/computer-based self-study modules and a three-hour in-person training workshop entailing instruction regarding the interactive games and exergaming technology.
  • Evaluation Tools: Pre- and Post- Youth and Aging questionnaire; Participant registration form, Pre- and Post- questionnaire, follow-up letter, and questionnaire.
  • Newsletters: LIFE Lessons is a set of eight newsletters (4 Fitness and Nutrition; 4 Social Wellness) that are part of the Living (well through) Intergenerational Fitness and Exercise (LIFE) physical activity program for older adults.
  • How-To Videos: videos explaining how to perform the interactive games, safety, connecting the Kinect, proper form for Kinect mini-games.

Want to Know More?

Would you like to get started with your own LIFE program or just have questions? Visit this site to learn more.


If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Sarah Francis, Iowa State University, at or 515-294-1456.

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