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Program Summary

This curriculum addresses six key protective decision making factors to optimize inheritance planning and family relationships across the generations. Very few families, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, escape the later life distribution of accumulated possessions while older parents are alive or at death.

Program Benefits

Whether planning ahead or making decisions when someone dies, Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate?™ resources will help families:

  • Understand sensitivity of the issues and strategies for communicating.
  • Determine what they want to accomplish.
  • Decide what’s “fair” for their family.
  • Understand belongings have different meanings for different individuals.
  • Consider distribution options and consequences.
  • Agree to manage conflicts if they arise.

Target Audience

  • Owners of personal property
  • Family members including spouses, adult children, siblings, and grandchildren

Program Length


Program Cost

  • Workbook: Worksheets and tools to help address six critical decision-making factors. $12.50 or $7.50 for 25+ copies (108 pages; booklet or interactive CD).
  • DVD: Introduction to the issues and six critical factors. $30
  • Workshop Facilitator’s Toolkit: Package of resources to facilitate introductory workshops for family members and professionals. Includes the workbook and DVD, as well as CD of teaching resources (presentation, teaching tips, research summary). $75.
  • Additional items at no cost:
    • “conversation starter” articles to share
    • Free online planning and assessment quizzes.
    • Free family stories illustrating decision-making challenges.

Equipment Needed

LCD projector and laptop if conducting an in-person workshop.

Want to Know More?

To learn more about the program, visit this site.


Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate is offered at many Universities across the North Central Region. Below is a list of contacts at Universities in which Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate is offered:

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