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Program Summary

This book club is for adults that are near retirement or thinking about retirement. It will invite attendees to think about retirement in new and exciting ways. Instead of viewing retirement as a withdrawal from the workforce, it will encourage attendees to envision a new adventure full of purpose and meaning.

Program Benefits

  • Participants will explore attitudes and beliefs about retirement.
  • Participants will learn how purpose influences health and wellness outcomes.
  • Participants will learn strategies integrate purpose into retirement planning.
  • Participants will Identify goals and priorities for retirement.

Target Audience

Adults that are near retirement age or adults who are already retired from full time employment.

Program Length

The program entails six 1 hour sessions. The sessions meet every other week for about 10 weeks.

Program Cost


Equipment Needed

  • Purposeful Retirement: How to Bring Purpose Happiness and Meaning to Your Retirement by Hyrum W Smith (ISBN: 978-63353-503-9)
  • Purposeful Retirement Book Club Facilitation Guide

Want to Know More?

You can learn more about the Purposeful Retirement Book Club program at this site.


If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Leacey Brown, South Dakota State University Extension Gerontology Field Specialist, at or (605) 394-1722.

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